Coffee Co Sheriff’s Dept. warns of scam hitting local area

Scammers seem to never stop and a familiar scam has made its way back into the area.

According to the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department, calls are coming into the local area with someone on the other end of the line identifying themselves as a member of the sheriff’s department. The suspect then tells the intended victim that they have civil warrants and need to call a number to resolve the issue. Once that number is contacted, the intended victim is instructed to pay an amount of money that is owed. This is a scam. Do not pay money over the phone to these groups. 

“We want to let citizens know that we do not call and solicit payment for process that we need to serve,” CCSD said in a statement. “If you have any concerns over calls you receive from individuals claiming to be members of the department, feel free to call and verify their identity.”

You can reach the sheriff’s department by telephone at 931-570-4421.