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Coffee Co. Sheriff’s Department investigating case of possible animal cruelty

The Coffee County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a case of possible animal cruelty after several dogs were found with no owners around and no food or water on August 30 on Ute Dr. in Beech Grove. 

Deputies responded to a call at Ute Dr. to a complaint that a puppy had fallen out of a second floor window of a house across the road from the complainant. 

Deputy Austin Wilson was allegedly greeted at the residence in question by three aggressive pitbulls. Wilson used pepper spray to keep those dogs away. Wilson’s report states that he found the door open and a wooden board keeping more puppies from getting out, but found other dogs entering and exiting the residence. Upon a welfare check of the home, Wilson states in his report that it appears no one was in the home nor had anyone been home recently. The report states that multiple dogs appeared to be malnourished, and no food or water appeared to be present. One dog was found to be in a cage, malnourished and dirty. 

Animal Control provided food for the dogs and advised that they had been to the residence before. Animal control took six puppies and two mature dogs into their care, including one that had an open sore on its back. There was also five dogs chained up and caged in the yard that appeared to have no food or water. Those dogs also appeared to be malnourished and neglected, according to Wilson’s report. Deputies were unable to locate the owners and the case remains under investigation at this time.