Choose To Lose At Coffee County Schools

1st Place Sonya Sherrill

1st Place Jeff Hinshaw

The Coffee County Schools Department of Health Services has been encouraging weight loss and increasing physical activity for the spring semester for their faculty and staff by sponsoring a system wide weight loss contest, “Choose to Lose”. Each week the participating employees have their weight checked by the school nurses. The school nurses have been logging weight loss, measuring body mass index, providing healthy nutritional alternatives, and exercise classes after school such as walking and Zumba. The total weight loss for this semester was 930.80 pounds! The winners for the male contest were 1st place Jeff Hinshaw-CCHS, 2nd place Ben Parker-CCHS, and 3rd place Bryan Duncan-CCHS. The winners for the female contest were 1st place Sonya Sherrill-Hickerson Elementary, 2nd place Vivian Parker-Hillsboro Elementary, and 3rd place Jackie Preston-CCMS. Winners were presented with their prize money and certificates from school nurses Sarah Walker, RN CCHS, Angela Ridner, RN Hickerson Elementary, Dawn Selvage, RN Hillsboro Elementary, and Belinda Nicholson, RN CCMS. Approximately seventy-five staff members participated in this year’s “Choose to Lose” contest. Janet Thornton, RN Director of Health Services for Coffee County Schools said she is hopeful they can increase participation next fall. Losing nearly one thousand pounds is a great accomplishment. Thornton added that she is very proud of the staff in Coffee County School system. She believes the staff has an obligation to the students to set good examples and be good role models to the children.