Changes In Meth Bill Proposal

meth2A watered-down version of Gov. Haslam’s anti-meth legislation has been approved by the House.
The measure was approved 80-17 Wednesday, and is different than the Senate version.
The House bill would set an annual cap of 150 days’ worth of allergy and cold medicines that could be bought without a prescription.
Haslam’s original proposal would have established a monthly limit of 2.4 grams of pseudoephedrine, or a 10-day maximum dose, before requiring a pharmacist to authorize another 10 days’ worth before getting a doctor’s prescription.
The governor later removed the pharmacist element, and instead proposed a 4.8 gram monthly maximum and an annual cap of 14.4 grams. That proposal was adopted in the Senate. The House version sets a 5.8 gram monthly cap and an annual limit of 28.8 grams.