Cedar Lane Finally To Widen In Tullahoma

Tullahoma’s Cedar Lane widening has been in the works for several years through the planning and design phases, and now the project is moving toward when the actual work will start. According to Public Works Director Wayne Limbaugh, a pre-bid meeting is set for 10:30 a.m. on Aug. 17 at City Hall to inform prospective contractors specifically about what the project will involve. According to the public works director, bids are scheduled to be opened on Aug. 24 meeting at the Public Works office building on Maplewood Ave. The widening will extend Cedar Lane from near Tractor Supply in the Forrest Gallery shopping center to just past the William Northern Boulevard intersection. The project is being provided through an 80 percent matching grant through the Department of Transportation. Tullahoma will pay the remaining 20 percent. Workers will have to move utility lines to make way for the widening.