Cattle Rustlers??

An old time crime has surfaced in Coffee County in recent weeks. According to investigators with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, thieves recently made off with 44 cows from a farm in the Summitville area. According to Max Thomas, the chief Investigator for the agriculture department, the thieves loaded the cattle up from the field where they had been grazing and did something with them. Thomas did not identify the farm that the cows were taken from as he and his investigators are continuing to follow up on leads in connection with the case. Thomas explained that farmers are receiving more money for their cattle on the market is causing them to check the cattle more often has reduced the chances for thieves to take the cows from the field. The state investigators are also investigating the butchering of cattle in a field. He stated that the thieves went into the field, killed the cows and took the front and hindquarters of some cows. “They then left the carcass in the field,” Thomas stated. The state investigator stated that officers are continuing to investigate both incidents.