Carjacking leads to Juvenile’s Arrest–Car Owner later Charged

Joesph Kurtis Brummett… Photo provided by the CCSD.

On Friday night a juvenile was allegedly involved in an incident at 989 Interstate Drive, Manchester, TN. Manchester Officer Jamie Norris spoke with Joseph Kurtis Brummett 29 year-old of Manchester who advised he was approached by the suspect with a pistol. The man told police he was forced from the vehicle and the juvenile left the scene in the Mercedes. The juvenile was located by Tennessee Highway Patrolman Randy Euler around Exit 97 on Interstate 24. He continued on I-24 leading officers on a pursuit into Rutherford County. The vehicle was spiked stripped by Rutherford County deputies near Medical Center Parkway. The vehicle crashed, causing damage.
The weapon described by the Brummett was located on the passenger floor board. Youth services was contacted and the 15 year-old juvenile from Nashville was charged by Manchester Police with aggravated robbery, unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon, vandalism and evading arrest. He was later transported to Rutherford County Juvenile Detention Center.
Brummett was transported to the scene and as the vehicle was being searched officers allegedly located several credit cards inside the vehicle with different names on them, credit cards scanners, a book with personal information of several different people in a back pack hidden in the trunk of the man’s vehicle. When ask about the cards, Brummett allegedly told officers that a friend had given them to him. Then he denied knowing anything about them.
Also, allegedly found in the vehicle was some methamphetamine, a glass pipe and 3 needles.
Brummett was charged by Trooper Euler with 8 counts of identity theft/use of another’s information and schedule II drug violation.
His bond was set at $302,500 and he is scheduled to appear in court on May 15, 2018.