Bullet Holes Found On For Sale Sign

Tullahoma Police and Franklin County Sheriff’s Department are investigating an incident that occurred at the home of a family member of Megan Sharpton. According to authorities, a realtor arrived at the residence to take up a for sale sign, when “several” holes that appeared to be bullet holes were spotted on the sign. Megan Sharpton was murdered in July of this year. The realtor notified the homeowner and Kelly Sharpton, mother of the 24-year-old of Sharpton, notified Franklin County Sheriff’s investigator Todd Hindman. The investigator then told the woman to contact Tullahoma Police. A Tullahoma Policeman took a report of the incident. Tullahoma Police Investigators Sgt. Dale Stone and Jason Kennedy, along with Hindman and Franklin County Investigator George Dyer, arrived at the house Wednesday and conducted an investigation.