Bonnaroo Time in Manchester

As attendees of Bonnaroo arrive, area law enforcement are gearing up to deal with the huge influx of people to Coffee County. The Coffee County Sheriff’s Department will be operating a communication truck to handle dispatching for Bonnaroo. Sheriff Steve Graves says that his department will also be maintaining a specially equipped trailer to handle the booking process during the busiest times at the festival. This trailer will handle the paper work to book a person into jail, which will speed up the process at the jail. Manchester Police will also be operating a specially equipped truck at the intersection of Ragsdale and Highway 55 where traffic will be turning to get into the festival. All drivers are urged to use caution in the the area as there will be a number of out of town drivers who aren’t acquainted with the area. Again this year the National Weather Service will have a forecaster assigned to watching the weather over Bonnaroo. EMA director Allen Lindley will be monitoring the weather service radar with a large monitor set up on the grounds of Bonnaroo.