Bonnaroo officials pen letter to Coffee County leadership, disappointed in new fees

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival organizers penned a letter to county and state officials, dated June 21, with a strong tone against new event fees passed by the county commission that will assess a $5 per ticket fee on all tickets sold.

The letter from Bonnaroo was signed by Brad Parker, project manager for C3 Presents, and it scolds the county commission for creating fees that they say singles out the festival. Bonnaroo goes on to request a “full accounting for those funds every year to ensure they are being used for their legally specified purpose.”

According to Parker’s letter, the state law calls for “The funds collected by the accounts and budget director shall be deposited in the county general fund and be used for purposes related to the entertainment event.”

Parker goes on to state that because this new fee will generate in excess of $300,000 annually, the festival will no longer reimburse the county for its costs related to county police, fire, traffic and emergency services, saying the new fee will be more than enough to cover those costs related to Bonnaroo.

The letter also says that the bill authorizing the fee was given one hearing in a house committee and accuses representative Rush Bricken of giving a disingenuous presentation where he never mentioned the word Bonnaroo, despite the fact that the fee was crafted to target only Bonnaroo patrons.

Read the full letter below (3 pages).