Bonnaroo Completes Day One

Concert opens to visitors... By Barry West

Bonnaroo kicked off with only minor problems. Wednesday night a man who was allergic to bee stings had to be flown to a Nashville hospital for treatment. Yesterday a man suffered an apparent heart attack. He was flown to Vanderbilt. Sheriff Steve Graves stated that these were just two problems encountered on the first full day of activity. Meanwhile, deputies have issued citations to several individuals for possession of marijuana. Manchester Mayor Betty Superstein said people who live in the area stay home for the duration of the event. She said she has the sales tax receipts to prove it. Superstein said, “you know, they aren’t going out to eat. They aren’t going out shopping, so many of the restaurants tell us, ‘We might as well close for the week of Bonnaroo'”. She said they hoped to draw more residents out to local businesses. She said that the ones who do benefit are charitable organizations and ball teams. She is very pleased about that.

Police search vehicle before entering Bonnaroo… By Barry West