Bobcat Part 2

Bobcat 2For the second time in recent weeks, a dead bobcat has been found at Tullahoma High School.
Tuesday afternoon a dead bobcat was found in the parking lot on the southwest side of the football field.
According to a report by Officer Daryn Gadeken, someone passing by the parking lot saw the bobcat and contacted police.
According to the police report, the animal had been shot just behind the shoulders, however, the officer stated that the animal had been shot somewhere else and placed in the parking lot.
Tullahoma animal control was notified and removed the animal.
According to Tullahoma Police Chief Paul Blackwell, the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) is investigating the killing of the animal.
The week of the annual Coffee Pot football game a dead bobcat was found hanging from the goal post of the football practice field at the school.
A Coffee County High School student was charged with killing the animal out of season, however, the person who hung the animal from the goal post is not known.