Boat Registration Fee Increases Beginning July 1

Photo Credit:(ttarasiuk/flickr)

Tennessee boaters have the month of June to renew their boat registration before the first fee increase in 12 years goes into effect on July 1st.
Any boating vessel operated by a gas engine, electric motor or sail is required to be registered.
The current fee for a 16-foot boat and under is $13 for one year, $24 for two and $35 for three. The new fees will be $15, $28 and $41. Vessels with a length over 16-feet to 26 feet will increase from $25 to $29 for a year. Those over 26 feet to 40 feet will increase from $38 to $44, and vessels more than 40 feet will increase from $51 to $59 for a year.
Vessels that are powered only by paddles, such as canoes or kayaks are not required to be registered.
Boat registration can be done online at gooutdoorstennessee.com.