Beware Of Craigslist Scam

scam4WMSR Radio was contacted by the Manchester Police Department on Tuesday about a scam that victimized a resident here.
A Manchester woman told Investigator Jackie Matheny that her son found a car on Craigslist that he wanted.
The car was listed as a 2004 Nissan Altima with 108,000 miles for $1,500. The woman’s son contacted the person listed at a New Jersey phone number and spoke with a woman who said her name was Natasha Clark. She advised the man that the car was in storage and once she received the money she would ship the vehicle.
She told him to put the money on a Green Dot money pack card and then email the number to her or send a picture of the back of the card with the numbers. The Manchester man did what he was told, but never received the car. Investigator Matheny says that the car deal is a scam and warns people to be very careful when dealing with someone over the internet.
Terri Page with the Better Business Bureau says that when someone ask you to put money on a Green Dot card that should be a red flag. Most of the time the cards are untraceable.