BBB Warning

They’re at it again! Phony emails bearing the BBB name are bombarding email in-boxes across the country and right here in Middle Tennessee. Like many financial institutions and government agencies, BBB’s visibility and reputation for trust makes us an ideal vehicle for scammers. Consider that receives over six million visits every month; this makes BBB an attractive decoy for fraud and malicious activity.
The spammers’ goal is to get as many email recipients as possible to click on the link within the email which redirects to a website infected with malware. If you clicked on the link within these emails, you are likely to be infected because of the drive-by-download nature of these sites that contain the malware. The criminals use that malware to transfer money out of banking accounts if you use online banking. In the last two days, they have been sending multiples of the same email, and the BBB apologizes and understand this is disruptive to your business.
Please understand that these attacks are external to the BBB and are randomly targeting thousands of email accounts.
If you receive any e-mails from BBB about a complaint filed against your business and need assistance in determining whether or not it is legitimate, contact your BBB directly at 615.242.4222.