BBB Warning

BBB2The winter blast dealt the area a nasty blow, and the hits keep on coming for many residents.
Ice dams have caused damage to countless Middle Tennessee homes, bringing price tags in the tens of thousands of dollars.
Many residents also report being contacted by out-of-state contractors.
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says there’s nothing wrong with contractors that move from market to market. But residents should do their homework before hiring any contractor, especially one who knocks on your door offering services.
The BBB says it’s important to know who you’re dealing with. If a contractor knocks on your door, ask for their driver’s license, write down the name and address, and make sure the person is licensed and insured.
You can also check out contractors at Businesses are rated there on an A to F scale.
Finally, be wary of paying up-front. Any transaction where you pay before the work is done is high risk. But if you do pay a percentage of the costs in advance, use a credit card.