BBB Warning

BBBYou may be receiving a late night phone call from 713-981-0098 and the caller says you are listed as emergency contact for someone who has been in a serious accident. YOU ARE TALKING WITH A CLEAVER SCAMMER who will urge you to immediately call Dr. Roberts at the emergency hotline.
WARNING: STAR *72 is a custom feature for call forwarding. When you dial *72 followed by a phone number, it activates the call forwarding feature causing all your incoming calls to ring at another number.
At the end of the other line, whether calls have been forwarded to a landline, cell phone or as in this scam, to a jail system payphone located in Texas, the original callers partner in crime will be able to accept all collect calls and 3rd party calls WHILE ANSWERING CALLS FROM YOUR LEGITIMATE CALLERS and telling them that they have the wrong number.
This call forwarding can go on for days before you realize what has happened.
Yes, you will get billed for the calls made because your number is the number from which calls are forwarded.
If your phone has the * 72 custom feature for call forwarding, you can deactivate call forwarding by dialing *73