BBB Scam Warning

BBB2The Better Business Bureau is alerting consumers to multiple timeshare scams working hard to steal money from unsuspecting timeshare owners. BBB has uncovered numerous instances of these schemes – all claiming to be located right here in Middle Tennessee. These con artists contact timeshare owners through unsolicited phone calls with trumped up promises of reselling the timeshare by deceiving the consumer with claims that they have a buyer for the property.
Consumers who respond to these shysters are told they must pay a fee, usually ranging from $2000 – $4000, prior to completion of the agreement. Upon receipt of payment, the broker contacts the owner again stating taxes have to be paid on the transaction, which usually ranges from $2000- $3000. In some cases the broker calls a third time asking for a transaction fee for another $2000- $3000. On one occasion the broker offered to pay $100 toward the transaction fee as a means to make the offer sound legit since the owner had to make several payments and began questioning why more money was necessary.
BBB visited each of the addresses where the following timeshare resellers claimed to be:
• Blue Ridge International Sales – 530 Mainstream Dr, Ste 272, Nashville, TN
• Title Deed Auction and Exchange – 4636 Lebanon Pike, Ste 341, Hermitage, TN
• New World Asset Connection – 134 Second Ave South, Nashville, TN
The actual locations for two were parking lots and the third used a UPS Store.
BBB also checked with the State of Tennessee, and none of them have a state business license nor do they have the required Tennessee Real Estate License to transact this type of sale. In Tennessee, it is unlawful for any person, directly or indirectly, to engage in or conduct, to advertise or claim to be engaging in or conducting the business, or acting in the capacity of a real estate broker, affiliate broker, time-share salesperson or acquisition agent, within this state, without first obtaining a license as a broker, affiliate broker, time-share salesperson or acquisition agent.
Each of these timeshare scams has been awarded an F Rating with BBB. If you have done business with Blue Ridge International Sales, Title Deed Auction and Exchange, or New World Asset Connection BBB would like to speak with you. Please call 615.250.4223.