Bank Scam Number 2 This Week

text scamWe have another bank scam to report. Some customers of Coffee County Bank in Manchester received a text message on Thursday that their bank account number needed to be verified. Coffee County Bank President Rush Bricken says that this is a scam and the bank did not send it.
Please be aware that a “phishing” scam is being texted to many people in our area. Phishing is a means to trick a user into visiting a fraudulent website, usually through a bogus link in an email or text message. The current scam targets users by sending texts that appear to be from various banks (some bogus) such a “Legends Bank of Nashville and others.” Coffee County Bank will never send you a text, email or letter asking for your account numbers, user names, passwords, or Social Security number.
If you have any questions about this scam or the other scam we reported earlier this week please call your personal banking institution.