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Authorities expect traffic to flow well for Exit 111 Festival

Exit 111 Festival will be in town Friday through Sunday and many residents have been asking about the expected attendance and traffic plans. 

According to Coffee County Sheriff Chad Partin, authorities expect traffic to flow quickly in and out each night of the festival. He said that the state does not want to open the special interstate exit (often unofficially referred to as 112) that was designed many years ago just for the Bonnaroo.

Partin added that the main artery for traffic will be Ragsdale Rd and New Bushy Branch Rd. With three toll booths open into the Great Stage Park property. He said that officials do not expect to use other roads such as Asbury. However, additional access roads can be used as necessary.

Although official numbers are not available, attendance for this festival is expected to be below 25,000, according to Thunder Radio News sources. However, tickets remain on sale and are available on site and those numbers can rise significantly through the week leading up to the event.