ATA Cutting Work Force

ATA, the prime contractor at AEDC, will reduce its work force by 17 people in Fiscal Year 2013. The company announced it will cut eight salaried and nine wage positions primarily because of skill mix issues. ATA General Manager Steve Pearson said they were hoping to avoid an involuntary reduction. He said the company management feels for the personnel affected, and they will do everything we can to help those employees. Pearson said some employees whose positions were affected by budget changes were offered open positions in other areas of ATA. However, the reassignment opportunities still didn’t prevent a forced reduction. The company will provide job-counseling services including resume development, skills self-assessment, interview techniques, resume distribution and job search assistance. Notifications for the involuntary reduction-in-force are being issued tomorrow with a departure date of Friday, Sept. 28th. Twenty-eight employees volunteered for a reduction-in-force last month.