Antique Box Car Knocks Down Power and Phone Lines

Residents in Coffee County were treated to the bizarre scene of a train antique box car off the track tearing down phone and power lines.
Pulling over a 40,000 pound antique was a first for Coffee County Deputy Jim O’Neil. According to News Channel 5, O’Neil said that when he stopped the tractor trailer carrying the box car, it looked like it might fall off the back. The big rig was hauling the box 1983 model railroad car from Carthage and it was Lee Flippo’s job to get it to the railroad museum in Cowan, Tennessee.
Flippo took a rural route to avoid traffic and town, but soon discovered that the box car was a bit much for the narrow country roads. Deputy O’Neil stopped him after neighbors complained service lines were ripped down.
The antique boxcar did indeed make it safely to the Cowan Railroad Museum and the trucking company said it will fix any damage done to the road or power lines.