Another Old Scam Hits Coffee Countians Again

Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves.

This time of year, there seems to be a lot more scam artist that are out to steal your money. Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves has issued a warning about an old scam making the rounds in Coffee County again. “It has been here in the past, but it seems to have started again,” the sheriff said this week.
The scammers call an individual sometimes poising as a deputy from the sheriff’s department. “They say that they are a deputy and that the person they are calling has failed to show up for jury duty,” the sheriff said. The fake deputy then tells their intended victim that there is a warrant for their arrest, but to keep from being arrested they can pay a fine and the warrant will go away.
The sheriff says, “They tell their victim to get Green Dot card and call them and give them the number off of it.” “They use the Green Dot numbers like a credit card and can use the money from the cards.”
The sheriff stated that the sheriff’s department does not call people and ask for money in any way.
Several people have fallen for the scam around the country and have paid the scammers. These types of calls apparently have also been taking place in other surrounding counties as well.