An Assult At Red Lobster

A quiet dinner turned into a tumultuous situation for a Winchester couple Monday night in Tullahoma. The couple was sitting at their table when a male at an adjoining table became belligerent to the employees and the manager of the Red Lobster on North Jackson Street. According to information provided by the couple to Tullahoma Police Officer Sgt. Robert Weaver, as the belligerent man, a female and child were leaving the restaurant, he started to yell at the Winchester woman. He then knocked over several items on the woman’s plate along with her drink. When the woman’s husband stood up, the assailant grabbed the woman and began dragging her toward the front door. According to the female, who asked that her name not be used, he slammed her head against the wall. The assailant then let her go and he along with the female and child got into a newer model SUV and left the parking lot. The woman who was attacked went to the hospital for treatment of injuries.
Police asked that anyone with information of whom the attacker is to call Crime Stoppers at 461-8888.