Altered VIN leads to Florida man’s Arrest

Roberto Antonio Perez jail intake photo provided by the CCSD.

On Wednesday (June 28 2017) Roberto Antonio Perez age 48 of Miami, FL was located at a truck stop near Exit 105 off Interstate 24 in Coffee County. Tennessee Highway Patrolman Jason Boles was alerted by on star of a stolen vehicle at the truck stop. When the trooper arrived he allegedly located the vehicle with Perez inside. Allegedly the vehicle identification number had been altered. In checking the vehicle, the proper VIN was identified and the vehicle was confirmed as stolen. Also allegedly found was a small amount of marijuana in a pocket of a pair of pants in a bag in the back seat of the vehicle.
Then on Friday, (June 30th 2017) according to the arrest warrant, Trooper Boles conducted a follow up search of the vehicle and he located in a hidden compartment behind the radio approximately 2 grams of a white powdery substance believed to cocaine in several baggies. The warrant goes on to state, the alleged drugs were put into a cigarette package in the compartment.
Perez was charged with theft of property, alteration of engine or serial number, schedule II drug violations and simple possession/casual exchange. His bond was set at $110,500 and he will appear in court on July 25, 2017.