All Inmates Removed From The Grundy County Jail

Grundy Co. JailLarge yellow school buses began pulling up in front of the Grundy County Jail in Altamont in the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 16. Responding to a call from the sheriff’s office, the school system provided buses and drivers to transport approximately 73 inmates to seven different facilities throughout the state, the result of a notice by the Fire Marshal that major electrical problems posed a hazard to the inmates at the jail.
A recent inspection of the Grundy County Jail by the Fire Marshal determined that exposed electrical wiring and natural gas lines put the inmates at risk. Several renovations were immediately implemented while others are projected to take up to two weeks – the deadline set by the Fire Marshal for completion of all improvements. In addition to electrical and gas issues, minor changes must be implemented to bring the jail closer to code, including tamper-proof screws on all electrical outlets.
It will cost the county $35-$85 per day, per inmate to house prisoners at other facilities, Williamson County being the only jail to waive the housing costs. Added expenses will be incurred as Grundy County deputies’ transport prisoners from their new location back to Grundy County for court dates, meetings with lawyers, and doctor’s visits.
The temporary shutdown does not address all of the concerns of Grundy County residents. Overcrowding, hygiene, and other safety concerns are not the focus of current renovations.
Transport of inmates continued throughout the day on Thursday, with all prisoners out of the jail by late afternoon. No details are available to the consequences if the July 24 deadline passes without the repairs completed. However, there is speculation the jail will be permanently closed.