After 11 Years Woman to enter Guilty Plea to Statutory Rape

Susan Gail Stephens jail intake photo from 2006.

In 2006 WMSR News reported that Susan Gail Stephens a Tullahoma High School substitute teacher had been arrested on charges of two counts of statutory rape and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
Tullahoma Police alleged in 2006 that Stephens, who was 44 at the time of her arrest allowed her daughter’s boyfriend and several other male juveniles to consume alcoholic beverages and smoke cigarettes at a party.
Investigators alleged at the time that on Feb. 25, 2006 Stephens had sexual relations with one of her daughter’s male juvenile friends on two separate occasions.
Since then, Stephens has filed three appeals with the State Appeals Court and one appeal with the State Supreme Court asking that she be given pretrial diversion that prosecutors refused to offer her.
On May 10, Stephens’ attorney Ed Yarborough of Nashville advised Assistant District Attorney Jason Ponder that she planned to enter a plea of guilty to statutory rape. Ponder accepted the agreement and presented it to Coffee County Circuit Court Judge Vanessa Jackson.
She is scheduled to appear before Judge Jackson on July 26 for a sentencing in the case.
The prosecutor is expected to oppose the pretrial diversion which would mean no jail time for Stephens, if the judge accepts the attorney’s request.