Adam Braseel receives exoneration from Governor Lee

Grundy County native Adam Braseel has received full exoneration by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee.

Braseel received the news Thursday, Dec. 2, in a personal phone call from Lee himself.

Braseel was wrongfully convicted in 2007 in the beating death of Malcolm Burrows. He spent 12 years in prison for the conviction that was based on a bad eyewitness identification of Braseel.

In August 2019, after serving 12 years in prison, prosecutors offered Braseel a plea deal that dropped his murder conviction in exchange for and Alford Plea to aggravated assault. Braseel took the deal in order to be immediately freed from prison. the Tennessee Board of Parole voted later to recommend that Lee offer him full exoneration.

Adam Braseel, pictured in the Thunder Radio studios after a radio interview in November of 2019. –