ACT Scores Showing Record Results

Education Department Commissioner Candice McQueen has announced that Tennessee public school students have crossed a new threshold, earning an average composite score of 20.1 on the ACT. Tennessee public high school students improved from the 2016 average of 19.9, with more than 3,500 additional students taking the exam this year. The results also show that about 1,800 more Tennessee public school graduates became eligible for the HOPE scholarship by earning composite score of 21 or higher.
Additionally, public school students improved in every section of the ACT by increasing their average score in English, reading, math, and science. The average ACT score for public school students in each subject area was:
19.6 in English, up 0.1 points,
20.5 in reading up 0.1 points,
19.4 in math, up 0.2 points; and
20.3 in science, up 0.2 points.
Coffee County High School students averaged 19.6 out of 399 taking the test and 206 Tullahoma students averaged 21.5 on the ACT.