8-Year-Old Manchester Youth Honored By State

(L-R) Mayr Betty Superstein, Landon Crabtree, Judd Matheny. In the background Mayor David Pennington, Commissioner Ross Simmons and Alderman Roxanne Patton... By Barry West

Yesterday (Tuesday) 8-year-old Landon Crabtree was honored at College Street Elementary in Manchester by the State of Tennessee.
Crabtree used his tech skills to help local police recover a large amount of stolen goods and break up a multi-state crime ring.
Crabtree used a GPS tracking system to find his family’s stolen items and other stolen goods inside a Manchester motel.
Coffee County State Representative Judd Matheny was on hand to read a resolution honoring Crabtree for his hard work.  Many people from other counties and different states will get their items back because of Landon’s efforts.