8-Year-Old Gets Key To City

Landon with (L-R) Alderman Ryan French, Lonnie Norman, Mayor Betty Superstein and Alderman Roxanne Patton

Manchester’s 8-year-old Landon Crabtree received the key to the City of Manchester on Monday night. Crabtree using his tech skills helped local police recover a bunch of stolen goods and break up a crime ring. The Crabtree family last month discovered 2 iPad’s, a Playstation and about $10,000 worth of his family’s belongings were stolen.
After his family’s insurance money allowed the family to replace the iPad, the 8-year-old got to work on an iPad app. The app showed him exactly where his stolen iPad was located and his tip led police to a Manchester motel where they arrested the suspect. Landon and his family appeared on NBC’s Today Show Sunday, April 1st.