6th Circuit Court reinstates Tennessee ban on abortions

On Wednesday, February 2, 2022, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated Tennessee’s ban on abortions for reasons such as race, gender, or genetic abnormality. Tennessee Right to Life supported this provision as it passed through the legislature, and it applauded the decision.

Stacy Dunn, president of Tennessee Right to Life stated, “We applaud the Sixth Circuit for, once again, affirming the voice of the people of Tennessee and upholding this ban on abortions of children based on race, gender or genetic abnormality.”  “This provision, in particular, defends the most vulnerable among us and upholds the virtue that all lives matter regardless of condition or color and it’s time this state and all states take an interest in protecting those lives.”

A press release from Tennessee Right to Life reported, “Unborn children are the only group of people who can be discriminated against because of their race, gender or disability. This ban would end that. Tennessee Right to Life will continue to work with legislators to ensure that all unborn children are protected by law, but the Sixth Circuit has taken a huge step in allowing Tennesseans to end the violence to those who are targeted in our society.”

— Story from news partner WGNS radio