21 Weather Related Deaths In Tennessee

TEMA 2The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency has confirmed 21, weather-related fatalities in the state as a result of the brutal winter weather (11 from hypothermia). Gov. Haslam elevated Tennessee to a Level II-State of Emergency due to the major impacts to infrastructure, power and roads as a result of the snow, ice and heavy rain in the state over the weekend.
• Benton County – One (1) fatality: 64-year-old female, motor vehicle accident
• Hamilton County – One (1) fatality: 63-year-old male, hypothermia related
• Haywood County – One (1) fatality: 40-year-old female, motor vehicle accident
• Henry County – Two (2) fatalities: 64-year-old female, hypothermia related; 69-year-old male, hypothermia related
• Hickman County (1) fatality: 67-year-old male, dialysis patient, unable to get to treatment
• Knox County – Four (4) fatalities: 30-year-old male, motor vehicle accident; 75-year-old male, fire; 68-year-old female, fire; 47-year-old male, fire
• Moore County – One (1) fatality: 73-year-old male, hypothermia
• Overton County – One (1) fatality: 38-year-old female, motor vehicle accident
• Roane County – One (1) fatality, 44-year-old male, hypothermia related
• Sequatchie – One (1) fatality, 85-year-old male, hypothermia related
• Sevier – Two (2) fatalities, 70-year-old female, hypothermia related; (age unknown) male, hypothermia related
• Shelby County – Three (3) fatalities: 48-year-old male, hypothermia related; (age unknown) male, hypothermia related; (demographics unknown), hypothermia related.
• Williamson County – Two (2) fatalities: 34-year-old female; 10-year-old male, motor vehicle accident