10-Digit Calling For Some Portions Of Middle Tennessee

telephoneDTC Communications would like to remind Middle Tennesseans that Sunday, March 1, 2015, marks the first day of the new 10-digit dialing requirements for making phone calls in the area. This process is being required by the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA) in order to accommodate the newly established (629) area code that now joins the (615) area code.
This new “Overlay” option was implemented based on the results of a TRA survey conducted in 2013 in which consumers were asked how best to resolve the issue of limited phone number availability in the existing (615) area code. Starting tomorrow, all current (615) numbers will require 10-digit dialing (area code and seven-digit telephone number) for local calls within the (615) area as well as the new (629) area code. Phone calls that are currently treated as local calls will remain as local calls and calls that are treated as long distance calls will remain as long distance calls. In addition, when making long distance calls within any area code, you will still be required to dial a (1) before dialing the 10-digit number as usual.
“This new TRA requirement will take some time for everyone to get accustomed to,” says Craig Gates, Chief Executive Officer of DTC Communications. “But it’s truly a result of the positive growth that our area of the state is currently experiencing.”
DTC Communications is a member owned telephone cooperative established in 1951. The cooperative supplies communication, entertainment, and security products and services to residential and business customers primarily throughout Middle Tennessee.