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 As a business owner or manager, it’s frustrating to have dozens of advertising representatives bring you their products, all claiming it is the “best” available. This makes the important decision of properly investing your advertising dollars even more difficult. “Where do I invest? How do I know it’s working? “

Here at Thunder Radio we don’t “sell radio advertising.” We deliver results. We dig deep into our toolbox and use every option at our disposal to build a custom program for you that doesn’t promise results – we GUARANTEE results.  

The GREAT Guarantee.

If you are interested in growing your business with Thunder Radio’s targeted advertising programs, including the GREAT guarantee, fill out the form on this page or push hereYou’ll be paired with someone who knows this market and understands how to take your investment and help your company grow. When you work with Thunder Radio, you will also be working with a local, family-owned business that has a unique understanding of this market. When your program begins , we will have a target number of GREAT engaged customers, and we guarantee to hit that target. 


Start Growing Your Business

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The GREAT guarantee (Guaranteed Results & Engagement At Thunder) is only available to a select few clients. This involves an excellent offer from you (the client) and motivated potential customers filling out a form for more information. Thunder Radio will help follow up communication with these potential customers if necessary, and will offer contact information to you (the client) in order to ensure these customers are connected with your business. You aren’t just getting advertising with Thunder Radio – you are getting a partner. We use our radio reach on three frequencies, our website traffic that is more than anyone in Coffee County, social media, and our mobile app, to carefully target potential customers for you. 

We will guarantee to deliver a certain amount of potential customers with each campaign. Forget all the different products. Forget all the decisions. Buy results.