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Murder Investigation in McMinnville

Authorities say witnesses may be scared to come forward in a murder in McMinnville over the weekend. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has joined the investigation into the shooting death of 28-year-old Renoldo Lopez Moran. Moran was found shot with a 9 millimeter in his apartment on Cascade Avenue on Friday night. Investigators said someone came to his door, and then an argument ensued before the shooting.

He had several roommates; all said they heard the gunshot, but didn’t see what happened. Kristin Helm with the TBI said no one has been charged, but they continue to interview the roommates and neighbors.

There was an armed home invasion at the same complex just last month.

Early Voting Ends Saturday

Early voting continues through July 28. Those voting in Manchester can do so at the Coffee County Election Commission office. Those who want to vote in Tullahoma can vote at C D Stamps Center. Saturday hours are 8:30 to noon in Manchester and 9 to noon in Tullahoma. Weekday hours are 8 to 4:30 in Manchester and 9 to 4:30 at C D Stamps Center. Don’t forget to bring your photo ID.

UTSI’s New Laser Destroys Cancer

Researchers at the Center for Laser Applications at the University of Tennessee Space Institute in Tullahoma have developed a technology that goes on a “seek and destroy” mission for cancerous tumors. They have harnessed the power of lasers to find, map and non-invasively destruct cancerous tumors. Christian Parigger, associate professor of physics, and Jacqueline Johnson, associate professor of mechanical, aerospace, and biomedical engineering, along with Robert Splinter of Splinter Consultants, have developed the invention. The high speed enables the laser to focus in on a specific region to find and acutely map a tumor.

High-Speed Chase Leads to Manchester Man’s Arrest

A Manchester man was arrested Sunday on several charges after leading police on a high-speed chase on Highway 55 between Tullahoma and Manchester. According to a report by Tullahoma Police Officer Jim Tate 27 year old Ira Eugene Nolan of South Ramsey Street was charged with reckless endangerment, failure to yield to blue lights, evading arrest and reckless driving. The officer’s report states that he clocked the car by radar at speeds up to 115 mph. and that Nolan did not stop. Once Nolan approached Marcom’s Pharmacy, Manchester Police placed speed strips in the roadway, but he stopped before reaching the spikes. His bond was set at $34,500. He is scheduled to appear in General Session court Sept. 27.

Project UNDERaWEARness

A fundraiser is to be held to aid Coffee County youths who are under the care of the Department of Children Services, and it will involve a unique, but much-needed donated item — underwear. The Coffee County Community Advisory Board, which aids the department’s efforts, is sponsoring Project UNDERaWEARness to gather undergarments for youths who have been taken into care from broken or bad family environments for their personal safety. When children are taken they usually have only the clothes they are wearing. In addition to new packaged undergarments, including socks and diapers, bras are also needed. The event will take place from Aug. 6 through Aug. 31 with drop locations at Tullahoma’s Kmart, Walmart, Big Lots, the Housing Authority resident services office, 1201 Cedar Lane, and Wesley Heights United Methodist Church, 2101 E. Lincoln St.,  and at the Manchester Walmart

Tullahoma Murder on National TV

The murder of Tullahoma resident Meagan Sharpton received added publicity Monday night when HLN’s Nancy Grace aired an hour-long show featuring the murder. Rita Cosby interviewed several individuals involved in the investigation of the murder of the 24-year-old woman whose partially burned body was found on the side of Awalt Road in Franklin County and her car was later found sitting in the middle of Three Forks Bridge Road in Bedford County. Her purse was found in Rock Creek in Estill Springs area.

Manchester Man Sentenced for Animal Cruelty

A Manchester man has been sentenced in Coffee County General Sessions Court for animal cruelty. Ronnie Dale Walden, 56, of Wood Street in Manchester was convicted of animal cruelty and sentenced to perform 40 hours of public service work at the animal shelter, to pay $300 to the Manchester Animal Control and was given a suspended 11 month 29 days. According to warrants obtained by Manchester Police Officer Jackie Matheny Jr., on Feb. 6, 2012 a dog was found abused and neglected at the Wood Street residence. The dog was, according to the warrant, starved and tied with a rope, which had cut into the dog’s neck causing severe lacerations. The dog was transported to a veterinarian’s off where the dog, which was pregnant, later died.

Back to School Next Week

The summer break for most children is soon coming to an end.  Coffee County Schools will have an abbreviated day on Aug. 2 from 7:45 a.m. to 10 a.m. with the first full day of classes on Aug. 6. Manchester City Schools will have an abbreviated day on Aug. 2, from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., with regular classes beginning on Aug. 6.  Classes at Tullahoma City Schools will be back in session Aug. 1. Franklin County’s back to the drawing board on Aug. 7. Moore County Schools will have an abbreviated day on Aug. 2 with the first full day on Aug. 6.

Grundy County Schools will have an abbreviated day on Aug. 3 with the first full day of classes on Aug. 7

Sales Tax Holiday Begins Friday, August 3rd

The new school year is about to start up and for the seventh-annual Sales Tax Holiday, which runs Friday through Sunday, Aug. 3-5. There will be no state or local sales tax on clothing with a price of $100 or less per item, school and art supplies with a price of $100 or less per item, and computers with a price of $1,500 or less. The Tennessee commissioner of revenue says that state officials are hopeful that all shoppers will take advantage of the tax relief provided by the 2012 Sales Tax Holiday,” said Revenue Commissioner Richard H. Roberts.

Scam Alert: Online Utility Bill Offer

State officials are warning about a scam in which perpetrators offer to arrange payments of consumers’ utility bills. The Tennessee Regulatory Authority says scammers ask for Social Security numbers or other personal information. The scammers, in exchange, provide phony bank account numbers and bank routing numbers they say would be used to pay bills online. Officials say the perpetrators tell people it’s a special federal program to pay such bills. The bogus information is being disseminated through social media, email, text messages and in-person solicitations.

TRA chairman Kenneth Hill described the scammers as “bad actors in the marketplace.”