Meeting of the Stones River Chapter Gold Star Wives of America

Gold StarThe group meets the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Alvin C York administration center at 1:30pm
Local chapters carry our programs of service to their members and communities and are the “back bone” of Gold Star Wives. The work and policies of the organization have their beginnings at the Chapter level. Members-at-large living in communities where no active chapter exists are kept informed through Region and National Newsletters.
The United States is divided into eight regions headed by Region Officers elected by the region members. Resolutions, slates of National Officers, and recommendations adopted in annual spring conferences are submitted to the National Convention.
The National organization, composed of elected Officers and Board of Directors representing all Regions, carry out the business of the organization. Annual National Conventions are held in different locations usually in July, during which members make final decisions concerning national policies of Gold Star Wives.