Host a Friday or Sunday Wedding!

In this day and age when a girl can get married nearly anytime or anywhere, most brides still choose Saturdays as their dream day of the week. However, there are some great reasons to choose a Friday or Sunday! Consider these ideas for a Friday Wedding:

-Many people have family that visits from out of town-extend the visit
especially if you are not going on a honeymoon and want to spend the weekend
with family members.
-Friday weddings can cost less than a Saturday wedding. Many venues
require a dollar amount to be met for a Saturday service.
-If using a small business location some Saturdays are difficult to
close to the public without negative feedback- where as a Friday night
shut down may not have a negative impact.
-You can have a Saturday morning brunch with all visiting family!
-You can host a day outing with all visiting family!
-There are generally more available Friday dates than Saturdays.
-Sometimes venues will allow decorating on a Thursday for a Friday wedding.
-Some folks are saying that Friday night weddings are “cool” and are also about
the celebration not just the ceremony.
-The ultimate in thoughtfulness? It gives your guests the ability to have their weekend back.

Have you thought about a Sunday wedding? Consider these ideas for a Sunday wedding:

-Spend the beginning of the weekend catching up and doing traditional things with family
including last minute touches.
-An opportunity to take the time to meet for a group family photo that isn’t in the
wedding attire
-Allow the two families to bond and become one at family picnic or potluck on the prior Friday or Saturday.
-If you are budget conscious-venue prices could be less than Saturday dates.
-Local guest don’t have to rush home after work on a Friday to get ready.
-Sunday weddings curb the alcohol expectation, which can also be a budget choice.
-Some receptions with religious restrictions can be accommodated for
more easily with a Sunday wedding
For the eager-to-be honeymooning couple that are ready to leave town guests
leave parties earlier on Sundays due to work the following day.

No matter which day of the week is your perfect choice, The Manchester Coffee Conference Center is booking wedding dates now! Please contact our professional staff for a free wedding consultation! And please join us for our on-site bridal show March 12, 2017!

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