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Prep Sports Tryout Information for 2020-2021(updated May 26, 2020)

It is that time of the year when the local prep teams begin to schedule tryouts.  As always, Thunder Radio wants to pass along all the tryout information we have received for the local prep coaches.  Students should be prepared to participate in all the tryout sessions unless otherwise noted.  Tryouts will be carried out following state guidelines due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  The teams will have students to try out in small groups to satisfy the CDC guidelines.

Student/athletes need to remember to bring along with them the signed and completed TSSAA Physical and Parental Consent forms with them when they arrive. That form can be downloaded at: .

All homeschool students living in Coffee County who would like to sign up will need to register through the Coffee County Schools Central office. See Keith Cornelius at the Coffee County Schools central office.  Homeschool students living in the city who wish to try out for Westwood teams need to contact Westwood athletic director James Dobson at:

Coffee County Central High School – Athletic Director – Rebecca Koger (

Coffee County CHS Football
• Date – TBD
• Time – TBD
• Location – CHS Fieldhouse
• Note – There is no tryout, contact Coach Greene for workout information.
• Coach – Doug Greene
• Contact –

Coffee County CHS Girls’ Basketball
• Date – Wednesday, May 27th thru Thursday, May 28th
• Time – 8 AM to 11 AM
• Location – CHS Gym
• Note – Sign up at:
• Coach – Joe Pat Cope
• Contact –

Coffee County CHS Tennis
• Date – Wednesday, May 27th and Thursday, May 28th
• Time – 5:00 to 7:00 PM
• Location – Tennis Courts at Coffee County Raider Academy
• Note – Sign up at:
• Coach – Josh Inzer
• Contact –

Coffee County CHS volleyball
• Date – Wednesday, May 27th thru Thursday, May 28th
• Time – 1:00 to 3:00 PM
• Location – CHS Gym
• Note – Sign up at:
• Coach – Andrew Taylor
• Contact –

Coffee County CHS Boys’ Basketball
• Date – Wednesday, May 27th thru Thursday, May 28th
• Time – 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
• Location – CHS Gym
• Note – Sign up at:
• Coach – Micah Williams
• Contact –

Coffee County CHS softball
• Date – Wednesday, May 27th and Thursday, May 28th
• Time – 4:30 to 7:30 PM
• Location – Terry Floyd Field at CHS
• Note – Sign up at:
• Coach – Brandon McWhorter
• Contact –

Coffee County CHS baseball
• Date – Monday, June 1st and Tuesday, June 2nd
• Time – 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM
• Location – Powers Field at CHS
• Note – Sign up by emailing coach Parker Gunn at:
• Coach – David Martin
• Contact –

Coffee County CHS Girls’ Soccer
• Date – June 15th and June 16th
• Time – 9:00 to 11:00 AM
• Location – Raider Soccer Field behind Raider Academy
• Note – Rescheduled from June 1st and 2nd
• Coach – Lee Xixis
• Contact –

Coffee County CHS Cross Country
• Date – Monday, July 27th
• Time – 9:00 AM
• Location – Track at Carden-Jarrell Field
• Note – No tryout, show up to first practice
• Coach – Nathan Wanuch
• Contact –

Coffee County CHS Swim
• Date – Friday, September 18th
• Time – 3:30 PM
• Location – Manchester Recreation Center
• Note –
• Coach – Becky Behrendorf
• Contact –

Westwood Middle School – Athletic Director – James Dobson (

Westwood Middle School Football
• Date – Monday, June 1st thru Wednesday, June 3rd
• Time – 9:00 to 10:30 AM
• Location – Dyer/Bouldin Field at Westwood
• Note – Locker rooms will not be available Makeup dates are June 8th thru 11th – 8:00 to 9:30 AM
• Coach – Chad Dyer
• Contact –

Westwood Middle School Volleyball
• Date – Tuesday, June 2nd thru Thursday, June 4th
• Time – TBD
• Location – Joel Vinson Gym at Westwood
• Note – email Coach Freeze to sign up for tryout time
• Coach – Laura Freeze
• Contact –

Westwood Middle School Girls’ Soccer
• Date – Wednesday, June 3rd thru Thursday, June 4th
• Time – 3:00 to 5:00 PM
• Location – Dyer/Bouldin Field at Westwood
• Note – Locker rooms will not be available
• Coach – Donna Burdine or Kevin Smith
• Contact – OR

Westwood Middle School Girls’ Basketball
• Date – Friday, June 5th
• Time – TBD
• Location – Joel Vinson Gym at Westwood
• Note – Sign up at:
• Coach – Angela Houck
• Contact –

Westwood Middle School Boys’ Basketball
• Date – Monday, June 8th
• Time – TBD
• Location – Joel Vinson Gym at Westwood
• Note – Sign up at:
• Coach – Jerry Brown
• Contact –

Westwood Middle School Swim
• Date – Friday, September 18th
• Time – 3:30 PM
• Location – Manchester Recreation Center
• Note –
• Coach – Becky Behrendorf
• Contact –

Coffee County Middle School – Kyle Harris, athletic director (

Coffee County Middle School Volleyball
• Dates – Wednesday May 27 11:30-1:30 Main Gym
Thursday May 28 11:30-1-30 Main Gym.
• Coach – Tori Taylor
• Contact –

Coffee County Middle School 6th Grade Girls’ Basketball
• Dates – Wednesday May 27 10:00-1130 Main gym.
Thursday May 28 10:00- 11:30 Main gym.
• Coach – David Vinson
• Contact –

Coffee County Middle School 6th Grade Boys’ Basketball
• Dates – Wednesday May 27 3:00-4:00 (Aux gym)
Thursday May 28 3:00-4:00 (if needed)
• Coach – Bryan Morgan
• Contact –

Coffee County Middle School Girls’ Varsity Basketball
• Dates – Wednesday May 27 8:30-10:00 Main Gym
Thursday May 28 8:30-10:00 Main Gym.
• Coach – George Pearson
• Contact –

Coffee County Middle School Girls’ Soccer
• Dates – May 27, 28 and 29 – 5 to 6 and 6-7
• Coach – Jamie Norris
• Contact –

Coffee County Middle School Boys’ Varsity Basketball
• Dates – Thursday, May 28 – 2:00-3:30pm Main Gym
Thursday, May 28 – 4:00-5:30pm Main Gym
Friday, May 29 (if needed) 10:00-11:30am Main Gym
• Coach – Jonathan Oliver
• Contact –

Coffee County Middle School Baseball
• Dates – Monday, June 1st 5:00 – 7:00 / Upcoming 6th Graders
Tuesday, June 2nd 5:00 – 7:00 / Upcoming 7th Graders
Wednesday, June 3rd 5:00 – 7:00 / Upcoming 8th Graders
Monday, June 8th 5:00 – 7:00 / Anyone who missed the prior week (if needed)
• Note – We will evaluate defense on the field at CCMS and hit in the facility to save time.
• Coach – Brock Freeze
• Contact –

Coffee County Middle School Softball
• Dates – Monday, June 1st 2:00-4:00 6th graders
Tuesday, June 2nd 2:00-4:00 any new 7th/8th graders
Wednesday, June 3rd All returning 2:00-3:00, any extra 3:00-4:00
• Coach – Tiffany McCormick
• Contact –

Coffee County Middle School Boys’ Soccer
• Date – June 4th with 1hr slots starting at 8am
• Coach – Jonathan Graf
• Contact –

Coffee County Middle School Cheerleading
• Date – Friday June 5 – 3pm – Main Gym
• Note – The application below will be due May 29th by 11:59pm.
Click the link below or copy it into your web browser:
June 1st you will be emailed the tryout dance and cheer along with your tryout time for June 5th.
• Coach – Laina Meeker
• Contact –

Coffee County Middle School Track
• Spring 2021

Coffee County Middle School Golf
• Spring 2021

Coffee County Middle School Tennis
• Spring 2021

Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans

by Jim Wyatt –

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. And I hope everyone is staying safe. Thanks for always keeping the inbox hopping with questions. Let’s jump into another Titans mailbag right now…

Steve Mixer from Ontario, Canada
 Hi Jim. I love the mailbag. I’ve been a Titans fan since the Music City Miracle, but we don’t get a lot of coverage this far north so I spend a lot of time reading and watching highlights. It was really nice seeing the boys finally get some coverage and appreciation later in the season. Watching them beat the Patriots and the Ravens was glorious!
I had two quick questions that I was hoping you could help me out on.
1) The Titans didn’t seem to have much of a pass-rush and it was sometimes painful watching how much time opposing quarterbacks had. It was never more obvious than against KC, but we saw it throughout the season. Is this a priority roster need that they’re working to fill, or are they going to address it and just deal with it in their coverage schemes? I worry about what things will look like if we don’t address the pass rush AND we let (Logan) Ryan go without a reasonable replacement.
2) If Wilson doesn’t make an immediate impact, is the team comfortable with how they can replace Jack Conklin and keep King Henry rolling?
Thanks, and keep up the good work! Go Titans!

Jim: Hi Steve. Appreciate you reading.
Now, some answers:
1) Well, the team is counting on Vic Beasley to make a big difference here. It’s also counting on guys like Harold Landry and Kamalei Correa building on their momentum from a year ago. Same can be said for guys like Derick Roberson and D’Andre Walker. I think this is a group that can be effective, but everything does go hand in hand – guys in the secondary are going to have to play better. Let’s face it, there were some coverage breakdowns in that game at Arrowhead Stadium, and tackling was pretty shoddy as well.
2) I think Wilson will end up being a solid replacement. If I had to bet on it right now, though, I’d put my money on Dennis Kelly being the starter when the season kicks off, though. And Dennis has given folks reason to believe in him.

Richard Jones from Jacksonville, Florida
 Hey Jim, thanks for all that you do. What do you think our greatest strength and our Achilles heel is both on offense and defense?

Jim: Hey Richard. Greatest strength? Let’s go running game, led by Derrick Henry. Achilles heel? Well, it’s hard to say without seeing a practice. Let’s go with biggest question mark. I’ll say cornerback, simply because the team will be counting on a draft pick (Kristian Fulton) and a newcomer (albeit 14-year veteran Johnathan Joseph) to fill a pretty big void left by Logan Ryan’s departure. In time, we may learn the Titans are good here. But guys are going to need to play well, and that includes Malcolm Butler and Adoree’ Jackson.

Rey Rodriguez from Erie, Pennsylvania
 Hey what’s up Jim? I been a Titans fan for a while. I was just wondering when do you think the team will spend on a big free agent? Because the Jurrell Casey trade is looking more and more unjust.

Jim: Hey Rey. I’ve said this many time before: Jurrell wasn’t traded to free up space to sign a “big free agent.” It was a decision that took into account his big salary and cap hit, and projecting what the team thinks he’ll do in the years to come. The Titans have spent money this offseason, from signing Tannehill to a new long-term deal to placing the pricey franchise tag on Derrick Henry to keep him to adding Vic Beasley, Jack Crawford and Johnathan Joseph, among others, to re-signing Dennis Kelly, Kamalei Correa, MyCole Pruitt. Everyone knows Jurrell Casey is worth more than a 7th round pick in return. But again, the deal wasn’t about compensation.

Thomas Hibpshman from Soldotna, Alaska
 Hi Jim, I’m a huge fan of the Titans from Alaska. Never been to a game yet, but I’m hoping to in the next year or so. First I would like to say that Tannehill isn’t the greatest quarterback, but he gave the Titans the spark that was so desperately needed. He and the rest of the offense seemed to sync quickly and had really good chemistry. He also showed his strength and toughness last season making or extending plays to ensure us the win. I personally believe that as a team if the players can keep it up we don’t need a high profile quarterback. A team full of players that are in tune with each other across the board is better than one or two high profile players. He carried the team from a rough patch through the playoffs, he deserves the chance to do that again. My last thought is probably never gonna happen, but since the NFL now has out of country games, someone should try to get a game in Anchorage, Alaska once a year. The sports stadium up here is much smaller than the stadiums — in the lower 48 — but I would bet that the stadium would be busting at the seams up here and give us fans something who can’t make it to games.

Jim: Hey Thomas. Good to hear from you. If you’re talking about Tannehill as a Titan, well, I think he deserves more props than shade, and I think you got there. He was accurate, tough, and he proved to be a great leader last year. Now he has to keep it going. A road trip for a game in Alaska? It will be a cold day in … Alaska … Never say never, right?

Troy Rogers from Hendersonville, Tennessee
 Hey Jim. Just wanted to commend you on the write up on Rusty Griffin you had. I have sat in Sec 146 Row K with “Santa” since day one of the Titans and there was never a nicer guy or bigger fan. We were there through thick and thin and thinner. Every game, every season. He was quite a character and I will miss him greatly. My kids always knew how to find our seat, just turn left at Santa (although it was difficult to explain to my 4 year old why Santa was drinking Bud Light). Great article for a great Titans fan. TITAN UP

Jim: Hey Troy. I really appreciate the feedback. The response to that story has been incredible, which speaks to just how much Rusty was loved. Here’s a link for those who missed it: CLICK HERE.
Thanks again.

Randall Malone from Smyrna, Tennessee
 Wassup Jim? Thanks for all the hard work keeping us informed and giving us info that seems we would have no outlet to as Titans fans. I have a quick question do you see the Titans having any interest in veteran Clay Matthews joining the squad? After losing Casey, Ryan, Woodyard…etc I feel we need more of a vet presence to push J Brown, Evans ,Fulton ..etc the young guys on defense in the right direction . I know we picked up Joseph from the Texans but I can’t see his vet presence really having an impact on the Box, defensive interior. Do you agree ?

Jim: Hey Randall. Good to hear from you. I haven’t heard Clay’s name mentioned, but I’m sure the GM is exploring all options. Once we get close to camp, I’d expect some more additions to be made. Not saying it will be Matthews, just saying the roster is far from set.

Adam Hanner from Coalmont, Tennessee
 Hey Jim first time writing in I love reading your ask Jim. My question for you is with all the change on defense and without a true defensive coordinator do you think our defense will take a dip this year? I mean with so many new pieces it’s kinda hard not to am I right? I think our offense will be as good if not better than last year even with the loss of Conklin given another year for Tannehil to get better in the offense and for Arthur Smith as well thanks and stay safe.

Jim: Hey Adam. Good to hear from you. Know Micah Layne from Coalmont? He’s been a regular in here. Make no mistake: Dean Pees will be missed. He has a great football mind, players loved him, and he always produced solid game plans. Based on his departure, and losing guys like Jurrell Casey and Logan Ryan so far, it’s fair to question how things might go on that side of the ball in 2020. But keep in mind the head coach has a great defensive mind himself, and he’s been very involved in the game plans over the past two years. He’s a good guy to put some trust in, but yeah, some guys are going to have to step up across the board.

Hasan Sturgis from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 Hello, Jim. Hope you, your family, and my Titans and staying safe during these hard times. Jim, I’ve been a fan for over 20 years now, first game football game I ever watched was Steve Air McNair coming up a yard short to Derrick Mason. My question to you, from a die-hard Titans fan. Are we/do you think we are going to resign The King? I haven’t bought a Titans jersey since Da Freak. And I don’t want to buy a Kong’s jersey to see him walk away. Thanks for reading and stay safe. #titanup

Jim: Hello Hasan. I know the team wants to sign Derrick to a long-term deal. Do I think it will happen? Well, at this point I just don’t know how it will play out. But I wouldn’t panic just because it hasn’t happened yet. The GM said a few months ago he’d like to get something done closer to training camp, and that’s still two months away. And keep in mind the franchise will still be available to use in 2021 as well, so I’d expect at least two more seasons of Henry in a Titans uniform.

Marco Antonio from Nezahualcoyotl, Estado de Mexico
 Hi Jim, my always grateful for your attention. My questions are: Do you already have the new defensive coordinator in mind? Will we see Jadeveon Clowney in our defense?

Jim: Hola Marco. Si and Tal vez.

Fulmer Statement on SEC’s “Return to Activity” Decision

Southeastern Conference leadership on Friday voted to allow voluntary, in-person athletics activities on league campuses starting Monday, June 8. Each SEC institution will make localized decisions regarding when and how student-athletes shall return.
“We are prepared and excited for the return of student-athletes to campus,” Tennessee Director of Athletics Phillip Fulmer said. “Health and safety have been our top priority as we’ve gone about this planning process, and we’ll continue to follow guidance from medical experts and health officials as we navigate the coming weeks.

“Our staff and student-athletes should be prepared for a ‘new normal,’ as we’ll be implementing changes to how everyone accesses and uses our facilities. We plan to be extremely diligent in maintaining a healthy environment for our student-athletes, coaches and support staffs. In the coming days, we’ll execute procedures enabling student-athletes to return, with members of our football program being the first to arrive. We will conduct screening leading up to the resumption of activities on June 8.
“I continue to appreciate the guidance of the SEC’s medical taskforce as well as the outstanding leadership of Commissioner Sankey and our chancellors and presidents throughout the SEC.”
Friday’s full press release from the SEC follows.
Student-Athletes Given Opportunity to Engage in Strength & Conditioning Activities That Can Be Effectively Monitored and Performed While Social Distancing
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (May 22, 2020) – Voluntary in-person athletics activities may resume on Southeastern Conference campuses, at the discretion of each university, beginning June 8 under strict supervision of designated university personnel and safety guidelines developed by each institution, the SEC announced Friday.
Due to the impact of COVID-19, the SEC had suspended all athletics activities through May 31.  Monday, June 8, will begin a transition period that will allow student-athletes to gradually adapt to full training and sports activity after this recent period of inactivity. Under plans developed by each university and consistent with state and local health directives, certain activities will be permitted based on the ability to participate in controlled and regularly sanitized environments, while also maintaining recommended social distancing measures. 
The decision to resume athletics activities, which at this time is limited by the NCAA to voluntary activities supervised by strength and conditioning personnel, was made with the guidance of the Conference’s Return to Activity and Medical Guidance Task Force. Created by the SEC’s Presidents and Chancellors in April and comprised of a cross-section of leading public health and sports medicine professionals from across the SEC’s 14 member institutions, the Task Force will remain active to provide continued advice and guidance to the SEC and its members as they prepare for a return to competition.
“The safe and healthy return of our student-athletes, coaches, administrators and our greater university communities have been and will continue to serve as our guiding principle as we navigate this complex and constantly-evolving situation,” said SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey. “At this time, we are preparing to begin the fall sports season as currently scheduled, and this limited resumption of voluntary athletic activities on June 8 is an important initial step in that process.  Thanks to the blueprint established by our Task Force and the dedicated efforts of our universities and their athletics programs, we will be able to provide our student-athletes with far better health and wellness education, medical and psychological care and supervision than they would otherwise receive on their own while off campus or training at public facilities as states continue to reopen.”
As part of its recommendations, the Task Force prepared a series of best practices for screening, testing, monitoring, tracing, social distancing and maintaining sanitized environments.  These recommendations will serve as a roadmap for each school prior to and upon the return of student-athletes to their campuses.
“While each institution will make its own decisions in creating defined plans to safely return student-athletes to activity, it is essential to employ a collaborative approach that involves input from public health officials, coaches, sports medicine staff, sports performance personnel and student-athletes,” Sankey said.  “Elements of the Task Force recommendations provided key guidance for determining the date of the return to activity.”
In addition to standard infection prevention measures as approved by public health authorities such as facility sanitization and social distancing, recommended enhanced health and safety measures include:
 Enhanced education of all team members on health and wellness best practices, including but not limited to preventing and the spread of COVID-19

A 3-stage screening process that involves screening before student-athletes arrive on campus, within 72 hours of entering athletics facilities and on a daily basis upon resumption of athletics activities

Testing of symptomatic team members (including all student-athletes, coaches, team support and other appropriate individuals)

Immediate isolation of team members who are under investigation or diagnosed with COVID-19 followed by contact tracing, following CDC and local public health guidelines

A transition period that allows student-athletes to gradually adapt to full training and sport activity following a period of inactivity

During the month of June, NCAA regulations permit only strength and conditioning personnel to supervise voluntary on-campus athletics activities in the sports of football, as well as men’s and women’s basketball.  A current waiver that permits eight (8) hours of virtual film review has been extended through June 30 for football and basketball. 

Consistent with NCAA regulations, organized practices and other required physical activities remain prohibited in all sports.  A previously announced suspension of in-person camps and coaches clinics conducted by SEC institutions remains in effect until July 31.

Birthdays- May 26

Christine Stephens- 59- Pizza Winner!

Liam Alejandro Mejia-Javier

Liam Alejandro Mejia-Javier, passed this life on Monday, May 25, 2020 at
Tennova-Harton Hospital in Tullahoma. Liam was the son of Daniel Mejia and
Heidy Javier of Decherd. A graveside service is scheduled for 1:00 PM on
Thursday, May 8, 2020 at Rose Hill Memorial Gardens.

In addition to his parents, he is survived by grandparents, Ismael Javier
of New Orleans, Melania Rodriguez of Winchester, Fermim Mejia of El
Salvador, Maria Rodriguez of LaVergne; brother, Aaron Lopez; sister, Hayley
Mejia; aunts, Karla Javier of North Carolina and Bessy Javier of North
Carolina, uncles, Christian Javier of New Orleans and Junior Javier of

Please visit our website at to leave
online condolences. Daves-Culbertson Funeral Home is in charge of

Linda Sue Bush

Mrs. Linda Sue Bush, age 71 of Manchester, passed away on Sunday, May 24
after an extended illness. Funeral services will be held on Saturday, May
30, 2020, at 10 AM in the Manchester Funeral Home chapel with Bro. John
Bush officiating. Burial will follow in the Welker cemetery. Visitation
with the family will be held on Friday, May 29, from 4 – 8 PM at the
funeral home.

Mrs. Linda was born on October 30, 1948, to the late R.T. and Ethel Fisher
Arnold in Winchester, TN. She was a self-employed beautician and co-owner
of the Hair Kuttery in Manchester. She was a member of the Lumley Stand
Church of Christ. Mrs. Linda loved to crochet and color.

Mrs. Linda is survived by five stepsons, Michael, Howell Jr., and Chuck
Alford, Ralph Bush, Jr., and John Bush; seven step daughters, Diane Griggs,
Melissa Espinoza, Tonya Givens, Carolyn Stanley, Janet Forde, Jo Anne
Malone, and Melissa Neel; two brothers, Richard and David Arnold; two
sisters, Frankie Reynolds and Bobbie Brothers; two sisters of the heart,
Betty McInturff and Sherry Grosch; 41 grandchildren and 38
great-grandchildren, and a host of family and friends.

Manchester Funeral Home is honored to serve the Bush family.

Frank Wesley Cope

Mr. Frank Wesley Cope, 85, beloved husband, father,
and grandpa, went to be with the Lord May 23, 2020. He enjoyed 85 years of
life, and 65 years of marriage to his cherished wife, Luella Cope.

Frank was born to Venus and Annie-Mary Cope December 7, 1934 in
McMinnville, Tennessee. He grew up on a farm where he learned to appreciate
the simple things in life.

Frank married his sweetheart Luella at 17 years old in 1955.

Above all was a hardworking man of God. He loved to sing and dedicated
himself to song leading at every congregation he attended. Frank was also a
gardener and gained attention for beautiful flowers and vegetables in every
home he lived in. Some his produce made it into local newspapers.

His grandchildren will always remember him for his great big laugh and
belly he would allow them to play like a drum when they were small.

Frank leaves behind a loving family in his wife Luella, two sisters, Peggy
and Lil, his children, Frank Jr., Jeffery, Timothy, Mark and Kimberly, as
well as grandchildren, Sara, Emily, Josh, Krista, Jenna, Angelica, Caleb,
Sophia, Mark Jr., Aaron, Mike, Frankie and many great grandchildren.

His funeral is open to the public and will be held Friday May 29, 2020 at
2:00 PM in the chapel of Central Funeral Home with Minister Ralph Hart
officiating with interment to follow in the Mountain View Cemetery in
McMinnville, Tennessee.  Arrangements by Central Funeral Home, Manchester,

Kathryn Odell Dye

Kathryn Odell Dye, 91, of Elkhart, IN, died Sunday, May 24, 2020, at Greenhouse Village in Goshen, IN.

Kathryn was born October 29, 1928, in Manchester, TN, to Robert and Julia (Jarrell) Mahaffa. On November 20, 1948, she married David M. Dye, Jr. and he passed away on September 20, 1991. Kathryn was a homemaker.

Kathryn is preceded in death by her parents, husband, and a sister, Alvine Bush. She is survived by her daughter, Delores Jill Dye of Elkhart.

A graveside service for Kathryn will be conducted at 11:00 AM on Friday, May 29, 2020, at Adam Duncan Cemetery in Coffee County, TN.

Coffee County Funeral Chapel is honored to serve the Dye family.

You may sign the online guestbook at

Birthdays- May 25

James Harlow- 64- Pizza Winner!

Helen Kirby- 80

Birthday- May 24

Joy Hamm

Lloyd Houseman- Pizza Winner!