Tullahoma man says he was Robbed at Gunpoint

Todd Smith of Helen Street reported to Tullahoma Police that he was robbed at gun point on Friday May 11.
Smith told Officer Brooke Earhart that he was walking down the street when at the intersection of Broadrick and Ann Streets a blue SUV and a minivan pulled beside him from two directions and robbed him of $486 and a pack of cigarettes.
Smith told the officer that the SUV was occupied by two black males probably in their 40s with short hair. The van had a white female believed to be in her 20s and a heavyset black male with short hair believed to be in his 20s also.
According to the officer’s report, the victim said that one of the occupants of the SUV got out and “flashed” a black pistol at him and told him to hand his money over.
Smith said that he was told to lay on the ground and count to 50 before getting up.
Detective Johnny Gore is investigating the robbery.