Texting Gets Winchester Man In Big Trouble

Texting the wrong person resulted in a Winchester man being arrested in Shelbyville. Shannon Dewayne Miller was arrested Tuesday for texting what he thought was a 16-year-old girl who turned out to be an employee of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department. According to the Shelbyville Times Gazette, Bedford County authorities, say the texts started Monday night. Investigators say that he sent several texts to a male civilian employee of the sheriff’s department. After he had sent several text he was told that he was sending them to the wrong number, but he continued to text. According to Bedford County investigators Miller then asked if the person receiving the text was a female. The sheriff’s department employee told him yes. According to investigators the text then became sexually explicit including explicit photos. A meeting was set up in Shelbyville. When he arrived at the store to meet the “teen” he was met by Bedford County Sheriff’s deputies. He attempted to leave the area but deputies blocked him in.