TBI Releases School Crime Study

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released its annual School Crime Study Tuesday.
According to the TBI, “the study presents the nature, volume and extent of reported crimes on school campuses, excluding colleges and universities in 2017.”
The TBI explained the report found: From 2015 to 2017, a total of 27,038 offenses were reported by Tennessee law enforcement agencies with a “School” location code.
The number of offenses occurring in school increased 13.5%, from 8,494 offenses in 2015 to 9,642 in 2017.
Simple Assault was the most frequently reported offense, accounting for 37.4% of reported offenses.
The month of September had the highest frequency of reported school crimes.
While males accounted for 57.3% of offenders in reported offenses, females accounted for 52.8% of victims.
The most common weapon type was Personal Weapons (Hands, Fist, Feet, Etc.), at 80.1%.