Storm Roars through Manchester on Friday

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An extremely strong storm roared into Manchester on Friday afternoon around 1:30pm.
Damage was reported at many locations in the local area as the storm passed through.
Over 2,000 Duck River Electric Membership members lost power on Friday afternoon.

Tree down if front of Coffee County High School.. Photo by Dennis Weaver

The National Weather Service reported it was likely straight-line winds and not a tornado.

Fireworks tent damged by Friday’s storm.. Photo by Barry West.

DREMC’s reported three substation breakers went out, multiple trees were down, which left several spans of electric wire down and poles were leaning. Some areas lost electric for over 6 hours.
No injuries were reported, but lots of damage including a car that was crushed by a fallen tree in the Stacy Ann Mobile Home Park on the Old Tullahoma Hwy.
Coffee County Emergency Management Director Allen Lendley said that winds reached approximately 50 mph during the peak of the storm.