Seven Arrested for Cockfighting in Wartrace

What’s being said is the largest event of this type was busted by police in Bedford County on Saturday.
Police initially responded to a farm on Railroad Road in Wartrace around midnight after they received a call about a “rowdy” crowd. Police found a well-lit ring inside the barn, as well as cockfighting paraphernalia and several dead birds in garbage cans.
Most of the people took off running through the woods. However, 7 people were arrested for cockfighting including: Luis Cervantes, 32, of Shelbyville; Bravo Mojica, 41, of Shelbyville; Christian Sarabia, 37, of South Jackson Street, Tullahoma; Gustavo Moreno, 41, of Shelbyville; Elias Najera, 58, of McMinnville; Jeffrey Ryan, 32, of Quebeck, Tennessee; Walter Conrad, 51, of Nashville; and Giyemlo Savino, 39, of Baxter.
Officials said more than 500 various types and game birds and chickens were on the farm.
The property is quarantined, and all chickens will remain there until the Tennessee Department of Agriculture can do some testing for disease.
More arrests are expected.
More arrests are expected.