Republicans Perform Well In Coffee County Elections

Early VotePlenty of surprises and a tie vote highlighted election night in Coffee County. For the first time in the history of Coffee County the County Mayor will be a republican as Gary Cordell defeated Tim Brown, 5,628 to 4,481. In what many are calling a huge upset Republican Craig Northcott won the district attorney’s race over incumbent Mickey Layne, 5,482 to 4,650. The closest countywide race was for Register of Deeds with Republican Donna Toney receiving 5,099 votes helping her get past Leann Partin who garnered 4,743 ballots. For County Trustee Republican John Marchesoni had 5,932 votes to Rodney Banks’ 3,985. Benton Bartlett made it four republicans winning countywide races by receiving 5,488 votes in the race for Road Superintendent, Steve Moran finished 2nd with 2,910 and Independent Scott Hansert garnered 1,574 ballots. For County Clerk, Democrat Teresa McFadden remains on the job winning over Don Nicoll, 2,805 to 1,799. In the race for General Sessions Judge | 14th District Part II Democrat Jere Ledsinger will keep his judges chair by defeating Jason Huskey, 5,212 to 4,842.

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In the race for District 14 Commissioner, Missy DeFord and Lamar Wilkie tied with 254 votes each. There is one provisional ballot that was not counted as one voter did not have a photo ID. If that person can show ID proof of who they are by 4:30pm Monday afternoon then their vote will count and if they voted in the District 14 race a winner will be announced, if not the election commission will provide details on how the race will be decided. Other competitive commission race winners; Republican Todd Crockett won District 3, Independent Margret Cunningham in District 7, Democrat Kerry Farrar, District 8, Democrat David Orrick, District 9, In District 11 Democrat Dianne Argraves, District 12, Democrat Tim Morris, District 13, Democrat Major Shelton, In District 15, Republican Mark Kelly, District 17 Republican Kimberly Martin, In District 18, Republican Barbra Buckner and in District 21 Republican Rush Bricken.
In the Manchester Alderman race three people were elected; Lana Sain, Cheryl Swan and Tim Kilgore.
Tullahoma Mayor Lane Curlee will remain on the job by defeating Troy Bisby. Voters in Tullahoma voted for 2 aldermen out of 3 choices with Mike Stanton and Jerry Mathis winning. For city school board Amy Johnson and Steve Lynn were winners.

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