Quarry Out–New Tax In

After years of requests Wright Paving and Custom Stone LLC has been attempting to open a quarry business in Hillsboro. At a recent Coffee County Commission meeting the Wright’s were denied a rezoning request by a vote of 15-5 against creating a new zoning designation (M-3) that would have allowed the establishment of a quarry outside the county’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB).
The Wright family owns 230 acres in Hillsboro near the intersection of Viola and J.D. Ring road. They have made several requests over the past 15 years.
Grady Wright has said for many years that his company wanted to bring a competitive business and good paying jobs to Coffee County. Those opposed to the idea have complained it would bring down property values, bring to much dust and noise and spoil the scenery in Hillsboro.
The Rogers Group has operated a quarry in Hillsboro for many years.
Also, during that meeting the Commission approved a resolution asking the state legislature to approve a private act that would establish a hotel/motel tax in rural Coffee County, exclusive of Manchester and Tullahoma.
The tax rate on rooms has not yet been determined, county officials have discussed setting it at 6 percent, which is the same as Manchester and one percent lower than Tullahoma.
Currently there no hotels or motels outside the city limits.