Litter–Big Problem in Tennessee

Unsafe, unsightly and unsanitary garbage is piling up along Tennessee’s interstates, and the problem is costing taxpayers millions of dollars.
TDOT reportedly spends $15 million each year on litter prevention and pickup. Now, TDOT and THP are looking to crack-down on these incidental litterbugs.
According to TDOT, most of the littering is not done on purpose but blows out the back of pickup trucks or trailers hauling loads of garbage to the dump.
According to TDOT Beautification office manager Shawn Bible, research shows about 70-percent of roadside litter problems stem from uncovered loads and unintentional littering.
Each year, TDOT gets thousands of calls reporting litterbugs. However, TDOT does not specify litter that comes from unsecured loads.
Right now, even if the tipster has the license plate number of the car or truck that the litter came from, TDOT only sends a letter. No tickets are issued.
THP said they do not have specific statistics on people violating the “tarp law” that requires them to secure their loads. The offense is simply categorized as a “non-moving violation.”
If you see someone littering on the interstate, intentional or not, you can file a report with the THP or TDOT’s litter hotline by calling (877)-8-LITTER.