Law Enforcement Work Together to provide Extra Security after Possible Violence Threats

Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves checking out security at Raider Academy on Wednesday.

Social media posts began Tuesday night about possible violence at area schools. School system personnel and law enforcement began an investigation into the threats. Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves said that none of threats were found to be credible.

With the threats being made, area schools that had planned to do assemblies concerning school safety were cancelled.

Manchester Police securing Westwood Middle School.

Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves stated that he was very pleased with the way Coffee County school system employees handled the situation. The sheriff said that a very small number of students walked out at Coffee County Middle School, but school personnel quickly got the students to return to the building. No other schools in the county reported students walking out.

Deputies on location at Coffee County Middle School

Sheriff Graves went on to say that he and his staff had already planned to have extra deputies at the high school, Raider Academy and Coffee Middle in case any difficulties arose.
Manchester Police Chief Mark Yother said he was pleased with the coordination between his department and the sheriff’s department.

Dr Ladonna McFall Director of Coffee County Schools said that everyone worked together to insure the safety of all students.
Absenteeism was up at the three Coffee County schools, with the high school reporting over 550 absentees and early checkouts combined. Coffee Middle and Raider Academy reported higher than normal absentees.