Grundy County Looking for New Director of Schools

The Grundy County school board voted to part ways with Director of Schools Jessie Kinsey on Friday night.
The board voted 5-3 in favor of buying out Kinsey’s contract at a price of $105,000.
The system has been dealing with several issues since June of 2017. Kinsey and former board member Robert Foster filed a defamation of character and intentional inflection of emotional distress lawsuit against board member Kasey Anderson in June. Anderson herself has been arrested three times since June.
Tension among board members rose in October after investigators charged five Grundy County High School football players with attempted rape. The coach was let go and after several months a new coach was named.
In November, board member Chris Grooms said that someone may have mishandled money at the concession stand of football games.
Someone then spray painted Grooms’ truck and poured cooking oil in its gas tank.
Also, former school bus driver Terri Tate is suing the Grundy County School Board and Director of Schools Jessie Kinsey. She says she was not paid a promised bonus. Tate is the mother of Kasey Anderson.
School board chairperson, Phyllis Lusk says that another special meeting will be held on Tuesday to discuss who will be the Interim Director.