Gas Prices Jump Up Again

Gas prices rocketed higher last week in most markets, due to reductions in domestic supply and the oil market’s response to the President’s decision to leave the Iran Nuclear Deal.
Sunday’s national average of $2.87 is 53 cents more than this time last year. Prices at the pump jumped 6 cents nationwide last week. Gas prices have not been this expensive since November 2014.
Tennessee gas prices rose 3 cents during the past week. The average price in Tennessee now sits at $2.62 per gallon-the highest daily price in four years.
AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said gas prices are their highest in years, yet that doesn’t seem to be slowing motorists down. The latest round of figures shows that gasoline demand is significantly higher than this time last year.
The low price in Manchester as of Tuesday afternoon was $2.49, even though some stations had risen from $2.45 to $2.69 during the day. Tullahoma’s low pump price was $2.57.